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Leadership Doesn’t Have to Be Lonely – The Nonprofit Times

Paragon Strategic Insights’ partner Steven Nardizzi in the Nonprofit Times on the isolating role of the CEO and where other CEOs can turn for support and advice in their toughest hours.

The Anatomy of a Charity Media Hit Piece – Nonprofit Pro

Steven Nardizzi’s latest piece on “The Anatomy of A Charity Media Hit Job”. In it he breaks down the five usual elements included in every classic, cookie-cutter charity hatchet piece, how easily this common media playbook can be run on your charity next, and why it’s so important for the sector to respond to these uninformed and misleading “news reports”.

Lessons From the Wounded Warrior Project – Corporate Counsel Business Journal podcast

Listen to a recent Corporate Counsel Business Journal podcast with PSI partner, Steven Nardizzi, and renowned crisis communications expert Richard Levick, of LEVICK, one of the leading public relations and crisis communications firms in Washington, DC. In it, Steven and Richard discuss what it’s like to live through a months-long media hit-job crisis where adversaries are held to a different standard, the inaccurate and misleading narrative becomes dominant, and the Board of Directors makes major mistakes along the way. Most importantly, learn what nonprofit leaders today can and should do to protect themselves and their organizations from a similar experience. 

Jeremy Chwat on Jewish Philanthropy Podcast

PSI partner, Jeremy Chwat, recently joined Rabbi Dovid M. Cohen as a guest on his Jewish Philanthropy Podcast to discuss some of the things Jeremy is most passionate about… his work and his religion. 

In Times Of Crisis, Don’t Create Your Own – The Nonprofit Times

Our Steven Nardizzi discusses the steps nonprofit organizations can take to navigate through uncertainty brought on by the coronavirus.

Wee Willie Keeler and the Need for “Small Ball” Fundraising – LinkedIn

Jeremy Chwat explains why charities need to stop swinging for the fences and start playing “small ball” if they want to ensure they are here for the long haul.

What Happens When Nonprofits Get Caught In The Klieg Lights? – Forbes

Steven Nardizzi comments on the damage to nonprofit organizations caused by accusations and condemnation lacking merit, and how nonprofits can handle those types of situations.

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